Tuesday, December 12

Charged For Sexual Abuse

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Wikileak Website Owner accusing for having sex with 2 womans about ages 30 within 4 days. Both womans, he met during wikileak conference meeting in Sweden on August 2008.

The problem soaring wasn’t rape case, but volunteer sex, according to senior judge. Both woman accused different causes. The first woman he met on the first day of meeting accusing him for wearing ‘loosen’ condom during the play. The judge continued saying there were no sign of rape.

At the other day, he was attracted with another woman with blonde hair during the meeting. The policemen says, the woman accused him for making sex without condom and all they wanted to know that Assange didn’t have any sexual disease.

The first woman he slept with was members to conference committeman which held at Stockholm, Sweden. She is employee to Sweden social democrat party. She was the one who acquired the whistleblower article for Assange before uploading to wikileaks website. The second woman status isn’t clear.

In my opinion and probably jokes too is those girl want Jullian to merry at least one of them since at his age of 39, he is still single. The second woman was accusing him of more interest on the computer rather than her. But so far, it’s unknown that both woman are single or married already.


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