Monday, December 18

Test Your Biological Age

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Biological aging, the physical decline that comes with age- a process that actually happens at different rates in different parts of the body in different people. Here are some tests that we can try to get an overall picture of your biological age. Dont panic if you get an alarming score, its still under research.
1. Test your balance-
Stand on your left leg with your right leg bent behind you, your hands on your hips and your eyes closed. Time how long you last before loosing your balance. If you stand more than 1 min, biological age in 20’s, 50 to 60sec- in the thirties, less than 50- you sure are kind of oldie!!
2. Reaction time
Ask somebody to hold a ruler 45 cm above the thumb and forefinger of your writing hand. When he drops it, measure how far it falls before you catch it. If its under 15 cm, you are in 20’s, 15-24 cm in the 30’s, over 40cm in the 60’s
3. Skin elasticity
Pinch up as much skin on the back of your hand as you can. Then release it and time how long it takes to lie flat again. Under 1sec- in the 20’s, 1-2 sec in the 30’s, 3-4 sec in the 40’s, more than 5 sec- greater than 50’s.
4. Cholesterol
Look in the mirror at your eye. If you can see a white arc around the edge of your cornea, it indicates a prolonged fatty diet. It is caused by fatty deposits.
5. Mental agility
Count backwards from 100 in sevens. How long does it take to get down to zero? If you do it under 20 sec, you are less than 40.


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