Tuesday, December 12

Sorry, But Pilates is Not Enough to Get in Shape

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Pilates is an excellent way to exercise if you want to achieve flexibility, unwind from a busy life, and learn to control your breathing and to get some positive mental experiences. It should also be emphasized that it is very important that you enjoy the types of exercises which you have chosen. So if you want to get in shape, then there are likely other and better activities for you which can lead you towards your goal.

But then the question is how you define shape, if it is a more toned body or as most consider by a better shape a presumption of a better fitness level.

It is very important to know that your fitness depends on your oxygen intake, which translates into how much oxygen that your body can absorb when you exercise. The more oxygen your body can absorb, the better your cells are at burning energy, which means that you can perform an activity for a longer period.

But your oxygen uptake depends both on the speed that you record at the oxygen and at the heart’s pumping capacity. In your blood, the red blood cells will carry out bulks of oxygen around the body. The more blood your heart can pump out per minute, the more oxygen can be delivered to your hardworking muscles and this means you have a better fitness.

So if you want to get in shape based on fitness, you need to train your heart’s ability to pump blood out in your body to increase the oxygen uptake, and therefore it is necessary that you train with these three important factors:
1) Intensity
2) Duration
3) Frequency

This translates into that you must and need to train at high intensity for as long as you can, preferably several times during the week. Though keep in mind you need to restitute for one day before you continue with another hard training session.


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