Tuesday, December 12

Is It Healthy to Fast?

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Terms like detox and cleaning the body is often appearing in modern diet and health books and the question is if it is healthy for the body to be cleaned out and fixed like some of the books prescribe. Here we highlight what happens to the body when you fast and if it is healthy.

The body will react no matter how you choose to fast, if it is a total fixed or just reduced intake of food and energy over shorter time. What happens is that the body realizes that the energy is in deficit and it begins to utilize the sugars which are deposited in the liver and muscles. So the body starts an increased breakdown of the body proteins when the blood sugar is low but it also comes with some hormonal changes.

If we chose to fast completely, then the body will think that there is a famine and it will start to use its own energy stores. It sounds like a logic way to do for people who want to lose weight, but the hormonal changes will likely result in the body will start to break down its own muscle tissue and secrete large amounts of salts and minerals.

During the two first days of complete fasting it is mostly the sugar stores in the liver glycogen and fat from fat tissue which is broken down and incinerated. But after the second day it will start to break down and incinerate the proteins in the vital organs and tissue.

Over longer run the hormonal changes which are created can be reflected in the menstrual disorders which a woman can experience, but the immune system is also lower and you can experience an irregular heart rhythm.

If the body gets cleaned from fasting is actually more related to faith than actual science, but you will also quickly become irritable, tire, uncomfortable and get headaches, which are all symptoms related to the decrease in the blood sugar level, but also related to the hormone balance and the brains response pattern to fasting.

Because of these facts it is to conclude that it is not healthy to fast, even also if you are overweight. If you want to fast because that you are overweight it is more recommended to reduce the energy intake but still be getting some food. Eat lots of vegetables is an excellent choice for this, what most important is that you may never be in shortage of minerals and proteins.


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