Tuesday, December 12

Animal Christmas

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Imagain you are buying Christmas preisdent, for the little children course they want to open stuff, You give a cat a christmas gift and they be like leave me along. Christmas is just another day. You spent dollars and dollars on the children and they have little Poodle, Yorkie, may a big Great Dane or a German Shepherd. Now ask them what Christmas is all about and they will tell “its about me open a gift.” 

You can stop at the dollar store and buy a gift for the dogs.  do you know excitted a dog gets when he opens a gift.

dogs love to open gifts, just like your children do. Now the dog won’t know any differents that you got some cheap toy at the dollar store while the you kids unwrapped what you spent dollar and dollars on.

Don’t forget Rex or Rover. now if you buy the kids lots of stuff and you have nothing for the dogs they will feel so leftout, but, one cheap toy at the dollars story will make a dog feel so loved.

Now a cat, on the other hand, you can add catnip and they still refused to open their gift, you can have chase a lizard light get on top of gift and they still won’t open it.  you have open it for them.

               Merry Christmas,

               Happy  New years


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