Monday, December 18

Child Labor

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According to Gini Labor Institute, there are 12.5 Million Children younger then 14 years are working in India.

Why are so many of Indian children working? Let us see some points.

  1. Most of the children are working under some compulsion.

  2. Compulsion related to Economic Necessity.

  3. Accelerations attached to their cast.

  4. Important Aspect is that with out market for child labor, it would not exist.

  5. The Carpet & Rug industry is the major employer of the children.

  6. With a kind of poverty seems in India, parents are often let with the heart wrenching choice of starving or having their children work.

  7. Parents itself sending their children to some work.

  8. Due to poor education background is the major reason.

  9. Due to less cost the done their work, some companies encouraging this practice.

  10. Though there are many Trusts to prevent the children, the practice still continuing.

  11. At the time of election all politic parties making promise to stop child labor, its all up to the words, nothing in action.

  12. India dose not have outright ban on child labor.

Indian Law have only prohibits the employment of children under the age of 14 in occupations deemed hazardous.

But Indian Ministry of Labor reports that the number of children withdraw from hazardous jobs and enrolled in special schools. Under the National child labor project has more than doubled in the last three years.

In Order to overcome this problem, there should be a straight and very aggressive dynamic set of law.


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