Monday, December 11

Plus And Minus of The Mobile Phones

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Whenever something new turns up, we grab it with glee and become a slave to it. There was a time when there was no electricity. But people were living and living happily and in reasonable comfort. There was no TV and yet, people had no trouble in passing time. Now we are all glued to the TV and are at a loss when there is a break in telecast. People used to travel in vehicles drawn by horses. Now individuals have motorized vehicles at their disposal, bringing along with it problems like pollution, parking problems and traffic jams. Now of course, we have the ubiquitous mobile phones.

There are many places in India where people have to cross the railway tracks. This is not really a problem provided you ascertain that no train is approaching. Last year, a girl was talking on the mobile phone and was trying to cross the railway track while still talking. A train was approaching and people nearby shouted at the girl to stop. Unfortunately the girl, too engrossed in talking did not notice the train approaching and anyway the warning shouted by those nearby was drowned by the approaching train. Thus, a young life was wasted because of the mobile phone. Many accidents on the roads take place because of the tendency on the part of some people to continue driving while still talking on the phone. One cannot concentrate both on driving and talking. Youngsters spend money and time sending trivial SMS messages. These are examples for the negative side of the mobile phone.

Recently, a couple were involved in an accident. Both of them were unconscious and there was nothing available to indicate their identity. This is because people frequently forget to carry their driving licenses with them. Fortunately, their mobile phone was not damaged and using that, people at the scene, were able to contact their son. This is an example of the positive side of the mobile phone.

The mobile phone should be used in such a way that you are its master and not the other way. If you use the mobile phone in a positive manner, it becomes a useful tool.

  • Never talk while driving. If at all you must talk, move to the side of the road, stop the vehicle and complete your conversation.

  • Keep the phone in the silent mode in the class rooms, important meetings and in religious places.

  • Always keep the conversation short. This will save time and money.

  • Never give out your mobile numbers to strangers.

  • Avoid talking loudly in the public.

           Never lend your mobile phone to others.


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