Wednesday, December 13

Why Are Plasma TV So Slim?

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It seems quite strange why we had to spend so many years with the massive bulky jumbo television sets which took up half the room, when plasma TV is so thin and convenient. It has a very simple reason…the advancement in technology.

To be able to recognize why plasma TV is so thin, you have to first understand why the normal television sets could not be. Earlier television sets comprised of tubes which generated the pictures. Tubes had a number of issues which also includes the size. The tube size inside the television sets was based on the amount of space on the screen which was required to be filled by pictures.

The technology was not really challenged till buyers got disenchanted with the normal 20 inch screen and wanted much more from their TV sets in the form of larger screens. Manufacturers had no problem with this demand, but there was another difficulty as the tube dimensions are preset. In order to make a larger screen, one would have to project larger pictures and that required larger tubes. In the older TV the dimension of the set was based on the tubes which were fitted into the TV set and with bigger tubes would have meant bigger cases.

We all have seen the size of a 20-inch TV with the tube technology and one can imagine the size of the TV case which would be required to hold the parts which are needed to project pictures for  32 or 40-inch or even bigger screens.

On the other hand the plasma TV is not based on tube technology to project the picture. The technology used in plasma TV, can be placed in a thin case. Rather than having tubes to project the images on the large screen, the plasma TV projects pictures by illuminating the phosphorous coating at different times to generate images as directed by the signals.

This has resulted in a technology where the plasma TV screen needs very small space except for the phosphorous and the screen. It is a fact that the complete package is so thin that it can mounted on the wall generating an experience which would have been even difficult to imagine with the old tube technology TV sets. This has also resulted in the screen thickness remaining almost constant, and only the height and width screen changes. This new technology is revolutionary and has changed the way we watch TV.


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