Saturday, December 16

A Low Cost Way To Grow Profits-Create An Article Marketing Plan

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There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. Some of them cost money and others are lost cost or totally free of charge.

We have found that publishing articles can be a great way to increase traffic to your website and establish credibility. For example if you have created a website or blog related to a hobby, business, or interest writing and publishing articles can drive targeted traffic very effectively and at little to no cost.

Let’s say that you are promoting a blog related to dog training. On your blog you have helpful tips and information related to this topic. You may also be offering affiliate products in this niche.

Your article marketing plan should include developing articles related to the topic and publishing them on some of the popular article directories. Your article should address a particular keyword related to this niche. If the article is well constructed and optimized for a desired keyword it should be able to generate a strong response.

As part of the article, you are normally able to include information about yourself and links to relevant websites (which should be the site you want to promote).

In this way people who read your article can click on the website you list in order to receive more relevant information. Many successful marketers publish many articles based on keywords which have strong search volume and low competition.

In this way, for no cost, they can drive a great deal of targeted traffic to their websites. In addition if these articles are well written, you can build credibility and increase the potential for people to read your materials, spend quality time on your websites and ultimately purchase goods from you based on your recommendations.

Publishing articles on major article directories is totally free of charge so this article marketing plan is an excellent way to build free targeted traffic. The only major cost involved is your time. If you have the budget available, you can also hire writers to produce relevant original content which you can submit to the article directories.

In this way you can publish much more content than you otherwise would be able to do yourself and increase your effectiveness. Many marketers begin themselves and as they start generating income, they invest it to hire outside writers to increase their profit potential even more so.


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