Sunday, December 17

Do it Yourself Facial

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A facial is heaven for the face. It reaps many benefits like getting an even skin tone, a clear complexion, soft supple skin and if you have specific problems i.e acne prone skin or blackheads the facials my help a great deal.

It would be nice to get a facial from your local beauticians, but at the recommended skin care regime of having a facial at least once a week, it can get a bit expensive.

So how can you have nice skin and not break the bank either? Simple:- DO IT YOURSELF.

Items needed:-

Muslin face cloth

Skin toner

Skin cleanser

Moisturiser – use a good company like Clinique

Face scrub

Eye mask

Mud mask or facial peel mask that suits your skin type

Small basin with boiling water

Cotton wool pads for face


Step 1 :-

Using a cotton wool pad cleanse your face from the daily grime using the cleanser of your choice. Please don’t use a make up remover in the place of a cleanser as they don’t really clean, they just take the top layer off.

Step 2:-

Using another cotton wool pad , tone your skin in circular motions. The benefits of toner are that it firms up and tones uneven skin tone.It works to reduce inflammation and constricts the pores as well as removing the last signs of grime on your face.

Step 3:-

Scrub your face well with the exfoliater of your choice. Scrub hard so that you dig in deep, but not so hard that you end up scratching you skin. Scrubs help polish the skin.

Step 4:-

Fill the basin with hot boiling hot water and lean over the steam. Use the towel over your head as a tent to make sure that the steam does not escape.If you want to make your steaming time really effective then i would suggest adding some herbs. They work wonders for your skin.Steam for a minimum of ten minutes.

Step 5:-

Pat your face dry with a muslin face cloth. Do not rub as your face becomes sensitive after a steam and you don’t want to do any damage.Apply the mud mask or facial peel mask of your choice according to the package instructions.Wash off with Luke warm water after the recommended time.

Step 6:-

Apply the rich moisturiser to your face. Moisturising keeps your skin soft and supple for the long run. Try to moisturise every day if you can.

And your done!

Try to do a facial each week if possible. Experiment with your choices of masks till you find one thats great for your skin.


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