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Look Gorgeous From Head to Toe

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Look gorgeous from head to toe


We all want that crystal clear skin, those soft hands, those gorgeous feet and that to die for figure, not to mention the dead gorgeous healthy hair. But lets face it do most of us really know how to look gorgeous from head to toe?

Let me show you how.


Take well good care of your hair.

Wash it at least twice a week

Always use conditioner.

Oil your hair overnight at least once per week. This will help keep it nice and soft for the long run.

Use a hair masque at least once per week.



If you have eye bags then i would suggest placing cold teabags on them at least once a week.

Massage around the eyes to drain any lymph-age and reduce puffiness

Use eyedrops to keep your eyes sparkling


Use nose pore strips to get rid of blackheads


lips start to dry s make sure you use a mask on them, preferably beeswax or honey.

Get a toothbrush and scrub your lips to get rid of all the dead dry skin.


Skin needs to be kept clean daily so Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day preferably i the morning and then again before bed.

use a mask once a week that compliments your skin

have regular facials

Hands and nails:-

Give yourself a good manicure on a regular basis.

Massage your hands with oil and soak too


Get rid of all your body hair. Consider laser hair removal for a permanent solution if you can afford it. If you cant then i would suggest getting a full body wax done every 4 – 6 weeks. Ask a friend or partner to help.

Lose weight and tone up. Ahot body is that of a fit body.

Check out this link for more information

Tips to Losing Weight

Scrub your body for nice soft skin.

Soak in a bath of nice hot water. Use oils in your bath

After a bath, rub scented body lotion all over your body


Soak your feet in nice hot water and give yourself a pedicure. massage your feet afterwards with oil.

Taking care of yourself from within:-

Drink 8 glasses of water daily

Avoid too much salt and fried food

What you eat and drink affects your whole body including you skin.


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