Tuesday, December 12

How Does The Satellite Phone System Work?

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Satellite phones are becoming very popular in several remote regions around the world.  There is no cable required for satellite phones thus they are able to fulfill the requirement for communication in such regions very conveniently. Many of the remote places do not have the   infrastructure required to be able to use a traditional form of phone lines. They can consider radio frequencies also but most of these are already being used for a number of various other things.

To be used as a mode of communication, satellite phones use a technology known as LEO or low earth orbiting satellites. The main benefit in using these satellites over other kinds such as geo stationary satellites is that there is less loss of time as the low earth orbiting satellites are much closer to the planet as compared to others. The delay in communication is less.

LEO satellites number is assigned to every satellite phone system which is known as the constellation. There are a number of satellites which are used and this ensures that a satellite is always visible for the phone and the calls can received or made whenever required.  This is a guarantee that there will be no missed calls or any chance that you are not able to make calls to the person you want to talk to.

You will find several different providers who offer various kinds of phone services. Some of them include Iridium and Globalstar and there are some more also. Every company uses different technologies to offer you a good service but ultimately they are about the same thing as they all offer communication service through the satellite.

There are some of these companies who make use of a multiple access technique of dividing time to let you have more calls. They typically include connections which are satellite to satellite and these phones are able to work directly with them.  Digital technologies are also used here to manage the number of calls and they are also known as code division multiple access.

Satellites are made use of to forward incoming calls with division multiple access, directly to the telephone gateways which are established on the planet earth. In this manner the call finally goes via the traditional land telephone network.

With the different ways this satellite phone technology work, the end result does not change.  The basic thing is that in the end, you get through to whoever you need to talk to!


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