Friday, December 15

Find Lasting Happiness

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Would you like be happy? Of course!

First try and understand that happiness is internal. Therefore goal should be to stop trying to change the world around us, and focus on how to change our minds. This is easy to say but difficult to implement in practice. But the first step to solving a problem is to identify the source of it.

These five ingredients can help you find happiness.


If we can not cope and recognize that we are the source of our own happiness, what chance do we have? Once we acknowledge to us that we – and alone – are responsible for our own happiness, then we can move forward to try to achieve.


The freedom that we know of the westernized world is not real freedom. Society makes us feel inadequate by way of marketing of far too many things by using all types of media (which, ironically, their freedom), and we always want to accumulate. This comes in way of our happiness. We must free ourselves from desires and try to find true happiness.


Why do we show compassion to family and friends, but rarely to the strangers? What if we could find a connection with strangers? With the rest of humanity? Could it make us more compassionate toward all? Because we have something in common – no exceptions – we all want to be happy. Compassion achieved by accepting all this makes us better, help us to help each other and also helps making us happy.


Happiness is closely linked to compassion. Our mind is always preoccupied what we call self-concern. Be generous; give your time and energy to others. Communicating with people would help shifting focus from your own concern to that of others and would make you much happier.


In general, we can say we are happy when we realize how privileged we are about our good fortune. But how long does that feeling last? How long before the next emotional anxiety steals away our happiness? Learn to increase this feeling of contentment. If you pause longer and be satisfied with what you have, you would find that you would be more consistently happy.


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