Monday, December 11

How Much Do We Know About Lcd Technology?

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LCD or Liquid crystal display technology sounds a little exotic, but the fact is that we make use of it on a regular basis. LCD technology is being used computer monitor, stereos, microwave ovens, calculators and digital clocks. Modern technology is used in advanced flat screen TVs and video monitors which display very sharp and clear pictures.

LCD screens work by blocking light. The liquid crystals are places inside the screen, between two parts of polarized glass. Brightness of light is managed by the crystals it passed through the glass. With the application of electrical charges there is a reaction in the crystals and it rotates allowing the light to go through these sections of the glass. The LCD display comprises of pixels and it is lighted by a florescent light which transmits white light via the glass panels. Every pixel is divided into blue, red and green parts which join together to create a color picture. It is possible for one pixel to generate around 16 million colors.

Viewers have a number of advantages when watching LCD televisions. They provide excellent contrast and brightness capability and are much better than what can be provided by a regular cathode ray TV sets. LCD flat screen TVs also have a 160 degree viewing angle, which allows viewers to see exactly the same from all angles and locations in the room. You don’t even have to switch off the light to have a great reception as the contrast quality is very good. There is no glare from the lamp on an LCD screen.

Another windfall with most models of LCD TVs is that they are fitted with speakers and tuners and all you need to do it to plug in the set and it’s ready to enjoy. Speakers and tuners are built in and you may not need additional parts such as receivers and set-top boxes. All these features make the LCD TV set ideal for our homes, especially which are short on space for large TV sets.

LCD sets have been designed to display HD television and also the regular television sets and it can also be used in computer and all purpose video monitors. All video formats are compatible with them and most of them come with inputs for composite video, S-video, and component video. They have a longer life than plasma sets.  It is a good idea to find out more about the models and brands prior to buying any of such TV sets.


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