Thursday, December 14

God of War Iii Review

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God of War III-
This game was a very promising game, if you have followed the entire God of War series so far, this is the best of the series with extremely polished graphics and game play. The entire game keeps you enticed into the game’s story line.

The boss battles are far more challenging in this one then they were in the first one. Including the last boss. I am trying not to give any spoilers to the games plot line. But the main plot of this story line is Krato’s and his quest to find and open pandora’s box yet. But he needs the key which happens to be a girl named Pandora. This is about the only game I have seen him to show affection to someone also. Overall the storyline played out really well, though it seemed as if the puzzles in this game were easier to figure out then they were in the first 2. All in all however though the game took much time and effort to make and payed off.

After you beat this game you unlock something called “Trails of Olympus” and once you pass these trials you can go to the areana. I believe the areana was on God of War II, also, however I am not certain. But these trails are by no means easy, and vary in multiple tasks that Krato’s most do in this modified “sumo” circle. I may upload tricks and tips here soon so yes, be ready for them if I do. After you beat all of the trails however you get to go onto the areana finaly. The areana spawns enemies in a “wave”. You must kill each wave in order to proceed to the next wave. Each wave spawns more enimies or just makes them tougher enemies to kill. You must see how long you can last against the forces. Their is a lot of after game content BUT you must find that actually after game content in the game, then beat the game to use all of the stuff you found.

Campaign – 9.5
After Content – 8 (Even though the stuff can be hard and fun at times… it does get repetitive with no hope of doing anything new after the areana, still fun for hours or even if you have just a little bit of spare time)
Overall – 9.0

~~~~ Good Solid Game ~~~~~
*Repeatable Campaign is basically a must for hardcore fans and the graphics are amazing
*Playabilty – FLAWLESS, barely any glitches cept for end boss.

~~~What i believe to be the staple of reviewing is to review the core facts, and if you are interested in more, you are always willing to take the time to research yourself. but i believe reviewing the core facts is what the people demand.


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