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Brp Powersports Range

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BRP or Bombardier Recreational Equipment was formed in 2003, an offshoot of the former Bombardier, Inc. This company, still headquartered in Quebec, is credited with inventing the personal snowmobile and watercraft. For 2011, BRP is venturing into side-by-sides.

The 2011 Commander 1000 adds to the BRP side-by-side class by featuring a 85 horsepower 1000 cc liquid cooled single cam, four valve engine. Despite this engine being the most powerful in this line, due its electronic fuel system, this vehicle is also the most fuel efficient in its class. The engine uses a throttle by wire system that provides even fueling to the engine, even if the driver’s foot jumps up and down on the gas pedal in rough country.

The vehicle features separate front and rear suspension systems. The front system features improved dive control with the largest diameter shocks in the industry. The rear system has its pivot points in front of the rear wheels ensuring the rear wheels only move in a up and down direction. This provides one of the best rides in the industry.

The bike features a rear area for cargo with dual levels. The cargo area comes with an easily activated tilt dump bed to ease unloading of cargo. The rear gates are easily removable and the panel between the two levels is removable as well. This cargo area can carry up to 600 lbs.

The interior cab of the Commander is designed for comfort. The seats adjust without tools and can be removed for use as camping seats. The steering wheel has an adjustment range of 30 degrees. The cab features 2000 cc of storage in three separate areas in the cab. The cab comes with holding bars in front of the passengers for support during use.

The Commander comes with two keys. One limits performance to 40 mph and the other is unlimited. There is also a third option that limits the vehicle to 25 mph. The Commanders all come in yellow. The side-by-side comes with four 27 inches tires on 12 inch wheels. Each wheel has disc brakes with twin-piston calipers. The vehicle has a 10 gallon gas tank and comes with 240 watt lighting.

The 1000 is able to tow up to 1500 pounds. Yet it is small enough to fit in the back of most full size pickups for easy driving to an off road site. The Commander 300 comes in two other models, the X an XT which add extra features for off road driving including a winch, heavy duty front bumper, mud guards, digital gauge and customized steering wheel.

To purchase your basic BPR Commander 1000 with set you back about $13000. But, remember, you will have the most powerful side-by-side in the industry at your beck and call.


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