Sunday, December 17

How to Read a Magazine

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Most people love to read magazines. They are fun and filled with pictures. Reading magazines can help pass time on top of the toilet, in the train, and inside Barnes and Nobles. Sometimes magazines help us unwind from a busy day. We love to read about juicy celebrity gossip and other cool things that are happening in the world.

The down side to magazines is that they are also filled with many advertisements and filler articles. Filler articles are those lengthy boring articles that do not provide any quality information while taking up at least one hour of our precious time. These entries tend to bore us to death and we would be wise to avoid them.

The best way to read a magazine is to browse through it. You should only focus on those parts of the magazine that immediately grab your attention. Everything else is garbage. I would focus on the bolded print, the vivid pictures, and the horoscope ofcourse. Don’t you want to know what the future holds?

Some magazines will have more quality content than others. You should focus on reading those magazines that are of interest to you. Since most magazines have overlapping content, I do not think that you will be missing out on anything much by skipping some of the more boring titles.


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