Monday, December 18

Maxim Magazine Teaches Men to be Jerks

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Maxim magazine is very popular among some men. I guess you would want to know why it should not be popular, right? Well, on the surface Maxim magazine appears to be all about sexy women in bikinis and some kind of gadgets. Also, there is a bit of humor and sex advice involved. However, if you actually read the columns of this magazine and the interviews given by it’s sexy ladies, you will quickly realize the attitudes that this magazine is teaching to the men in our society. You will be unpleasantly surprised!

The sexy female models in Maxim are all in their early twenties. They are very tall and very thin. They look perfect in almost every way. No real woman could ever compete with that unless she was also a model. These women claim that they are attracted to men with broad shoulders and very masculine attitudes. These youngsters claim that they find it most sexy if a man is into sports and can barbecue. However, these ladies mention nothing about the essential personality traits that help maintain a healthy relationship.

These young models claim that they love nothing more than pleasing a man. They love making home cooked meals, wearing sexy lingerie, and extreme sports. This whole thing sounds way too good to be true and this kind of female does not exist in real life. Most women hate extreme sports, cannot cook home made meals every day because they have to work or because they simply do not like to cook. Also, putting on sexy lingerie is the corniest thing ever. I mean it is possible that some women have some of these characteristics, however, most women do not. Maxim creates unrealistic expectations about women for men. These same men later start dating real women and feel that we are inferior in some way because we do not meet these high standards. If you notice, these ladies are not exactly too demanding when it comes to the kind of men they are attracted to. Somehow it is okay for them to be insensitive and overweight.

Also, Maxim magazine teaches men how to tell lies to women. For instance, it teaches men what to say to a woman if she is mad about them coming home late from some party. This is really uncool and socially irresponsible. Maxim should be ashamed!


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