Tuesday, December 12

Why Stay With Bukisa After Adsense Integration?

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When I read about this, I followed suit and signed up with Google Adsense and I began Google searching what the heck it was. Information about adsense is a little confusing to somebody like me. I write about fantasy baseball and that has been it, until this article. The money is not the reason that I do it, but, the little that I have made is cool. In ten months, before adsense, I had 15,000 qualified views and had earned a little bit over $50. Like I said, this is not going to be my job, it is a slightly profitable hobby. Since signing up with Adsense and connecting it here, I have had a few thousand views and have earned under a dollar. It is no longer profitable and I do not expect it to get better. 

At the same time that I started using Adsense I also went to blogger.com and created a monetized blog there. I still wrote a few articles that I put on both sites and I have seen a lot more profitability there than I do here. Learning how to maximize profitability with adsense has been challenging for me, but, I am starting to figure it out a little more. This has really caused me to wonder if it will make sense to even stick around here. What is Bukisa doing to keep bloggers here?   Those who stay receive 60% of the money made from clicks on there blog. There is no more “qualified view” payment. If people don’t click, you don’t get paid. If they do click, Bukisa keeps 40% of the earnings. My question is, why stay then? Who wants to go through all of this and let the site take almost half the money? There are plenty of other sites where bloggers can integrate adsense and keep 100% of earnings received. 

For those of you who have been banned by Adsense, I am sorry but, goodbye. Bukisa will only have you for another week and then you will be gone. What happens to your content or your account? I don’t know and, if you are like me and ask Bukisa, they probably aren’t going to respond. They are very close lipped about this whole situation and it is not very user friendly. Expect this to really reduce the number of bloggers on Bukisa. Many of you will have no alternative but to leave. Bukisa is going to take a huge hit and I am not sure what the fall out will be. 

Some of you do stand to make significantly more money here than you did before. If you focus articles on integrating Adsense Keywords, you can get ads on your blog that stand to make you up to and over $50 a click. That is pretty substantial and could certainly pay more than $3.49 for every thousand “qualified views.” However, you will also still give Bukisa 40% of that and I don’t understand how that makes much sense. Then again, this is a hobby to me and I never intend for it to turn into anything more. My biggest goal is to make a few hundred dollars a year. If it can pay for the MLB Extra Innings package on Direct TV I will take it and be happy. After the new year, I will not be trying to get that here. 


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