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Beyonce Knowles Best Songs: 13 Best Songs by Beyonce

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Beyonce Knowles hit it big while a member of Destiny’s Child and has since become a major solo artist and the most successful artist of the last decade. Not only as a musical performer has she seen success but also on screen, in fashion, as a spokeseperson, and of course as tabloid fodder for her marriage to Jay-Z. For this article I picked what I thought were Beyonce’s best songs from her three solo albums and not any of her group efforts with Destiny’s Child. In all I ended up with 13 songs that are amongst her best songs but are not her only good songs.

Crazy In Love– The smash hit from her first CD Dangerously In Love that features now husband Jay-Z. It’s loud, it’s catchy, and it was absolutely everywhere in 2003.

Upgrade U– Another single that was popular on the charts. Upgrade U is about her as a woman making her man’s life better as a partner and not a dependent.

The Closer I Get to You– A great slow duet with the late Luther Vandross. Simply beautiful.

Irreplaceable– Song about a broken relationship and how the guy shouldn’t have taken for granted their situation because he can be replaced quickly.

Be With You– Be With You has a real sexy sound and the bass line is fantastic. Beyonce reminds me a bit of Donna Summer on this track.

Baby Boy– Single from Dangerously in Love featuring Sean Paul.

If I Were a Boy

Suga Mama– One of the best songs from B’Day with a great guitar and drum backing.

Resentment– Song about the resentment that comes with a break up caused by infidelity. Beyonce’s vocals definitely shine on this one.

Sweet Dreams

Ave Maria– Not one of Beyonce’s more well known songs but Ave Maria just sounds gorgeous.

Halo– Nice use of the piano and hand claps. You’re my saving grace, you’re everything I need and more.

Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)- Ok I’ll admit that Single Ladies got really annoying after awhile with all the radio play but it was a good song.


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