Friday, December 15

Self Help Books

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When we run into some sort of personal troubles in our lives, we often feel the need to consult some kind of self help book. We feel like we alone do not have enough information to take on our life’s challenges ourselves. We trust our futures to some famous person with a PHD in Psycology. We hope that they know better than us.

Having read a wide variety of self help books, I have realized that no one answer can work for everyone. Our lives and our personalities are so different. So much depends on emotions and circumstances. Also, many of these experts write very wordy books and fail to really get to the point. They often contradict their own statements as well. Sometimes real life experience is the best teacher. Although many people would do almost anything to avoid getting hurt and making their own mistakes.

In my opinion, mistakes and pain are a part of life. These things cannot be avoided. The world is not perfect and it is not realistic t expect that our lives will be perfect either. No amount of behavioral rules and PHDs will make your life error free and perfect in every way. Although it is great to dream about all that wonderful success you might have one day just by reading some book, real life tends to provide you with a much needed wake up call at some point. I think we all need that sometimes.

In the end, we all know what makes us happy. We all know what to aim for. I guess we may not always get what we want, but having enough love for ourselves will always help us get there. Before we can get what we want in life we must feel worthy of success. We must genuinly be committed to getting our way. We must have the right mind set and keep moving forward despite any setbacks that may get in our way.


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