Tuesday, December 12

How To Clean Furniture

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Cleaning furniture might be one of the easiest housekeeping chores, if you do a few things to keep the pieces in good condition. Proper care and cleaning is a must for preserving the pieces for years of beauty and use. You can follow these simple tips to preserve it in a good condition for years to come.

Keep furniture away from sunlight and heat sources as these can dry out wood, paint finishes, leather and rot upholstery fibers.

Painted furniture can be cleaned on a weekly basis, by dusting or wiping it with a clean cloth dampened with water. Take care not to leave water spots on the surface as they’ll dry and leave permanent marks.

If your painted furniture has stains or scratches visible on its surface, gently sand down any marks without damaging painted finish.

For wooden furniture, use a lint free cloth to polish your furniture on a regular basis. Spray furniture polish on the cloth and rub the surface to get a beautiful shine. Use the same type of furniture polish for each cleaning, either wax or oil to avoid polish smudges.

For removing built up wax, use either mineral spirits or synthetic turpentine with a soft lint free cloth. Clean the whole surface with the product and not just the area that is soiled.

Leather furniture should be kept out of direct sunlight, at least two feet from heat sources or else it will dry and crack. Clean with a damp sponge or soft wet cloth and dust it regularly.

You can even try this homemade mixture for cleaning your furniture. Mix two parts of white vinegar with two parts of turpentine and two parts of liquid paraffin and one part of methylated spirits and apply this solution directly onto the furniture with an old cloth and immediately polish it off with a clean dry cloth. This will clean your furniture well.

You can get rid of those dents on your wooden furniture by placing a thick damp cloth over the dent. Then heat the iron and place the tip of the iron over the dent. The steam will swell the wood, and once this is done, polish the area and it will come up as good as new.

By using these simple cleaning methods, you can prolong the life of your favorite furniture and make it look as good as new.



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