Tuesday, December 12

Mushrooms Are Effective Against Cancer

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Mushrooms, which are cultivated in many parts of India, could provide a powerful new weapon in the fight against cancer. As health experts say, it’s anti tumor properties and capacity of stimulating the immune system are the powerful factors in the treatment against cancer. Up course not all, only some species like shitake and oyster have this medicinal value. These could reduce side effects from radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the treatments which are generally used in the treatment of cancer. In turn, it improves the quality of life for patients in the advanced stages of cancer. Contents of sugars such as polysaccharides would enhance the activity of the immune system.

Up course it’s not a new thing for people to know about the medicinal value of mushrooms. In China, people were using mushrooms in their traditional system of treatment since ancient times. At least 50 species were used by the Chinese doctors in the treatment of many diseases.

Japanese were already familiar with mushrooms as they are using it as an ancillary treatment for cancer patients. They contain many essential amino acids, and some are good source of protein. They also contain some unsaturated fatty acids along with vitamin B and D. Some contain vitamin C in significant amount. Some are rich in minerals like potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.

Because of its good nutritional and medicinal properties, mushrooms play valuable role in the treatment of cancer. It would not be a miracle cancer cure. Instead it provides a considerable increase in longevity and success rates, especially in the conventional cancer treatments and surgery.


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