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General Information About an X-Ray Technician.

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 Similar to any other field of learning, this one also needs education. Schooling is mandatory for X-ray technician jobs. One advantage of attending a technical school is that it costs less than the college or average university. Duration of the education for this can range anywhere from one to four years. Some of the basic duties of a radiology technician is to place a non-radioactive material into the bloodstream of the patient. They are also present to make sure all jewelry on the patient is removed and even explain the procedure to them. So, it is more than just pressing a button to perform the diagnostic test. They assist in maintaining proper documentation of each patient and follow regulations when dealing with radiation.

You can get trained and find employment in a doctor’s clinic or a hospital. These are the two common places where X-ray technicians obtain work. After completing the course, certification is necessary to find a job. But, if you are having plans of starting your own service then it is imperative that you get a valid license. Licensure is available through the state. You can find information for your state from The American Registry of Radiological Technologists.

Once you have obtained your license, you are not fully ready yet. Certification through The American Registry of Radiological Technologists is a requisite. For this, you have to take the Standards of Ethics course and pay an annual fee. Your school will guide you about when and how to apply for certification.

Finally when training, license and certification is over with, you need to apply for a job. Currently, X-ray technician gets paid fairly well. As per a site, the pay for an X-ray technician is around $32,000 and for a radiologist $52,000 annually. This job is secure and rewarding. The reward is when you realise that there is nothing greater than helping people in need.


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