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Do You Have A Rear Projection Lcd Tv?

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A rear-projection LCD TV is perhaps the cheapest one of its kind. There are a few projection TVs which come with a 3 CRTs or cathode-ray picture tubes, which are just a smaller models of tubes which are found in conventional sets. The pictures from the smaller tubes are projected behind 40 to over 60 inch screen, which is called a rear projection TV. Other kinds of rear projection TVs use LCD, DLP or digital light processing as well as LCoS or liquid crystal on silicon technology rather than CRT. Modern and advanced rear projection TV sets are lightweight, thinner and typically costlier than the comparable model of CRT sets. They offer much better quality of images.

Hitachi, Sony, Mitsubishi, Toshiba Panasonic, Samsung, Philips and RCA are some of the well known rear projection LCD TV brands. Models which are sought after by buyers are the HD capable TVs.

You may be wondering how you can select a suitable rear projection LCD TV for your personal needs. To begin with you must access the space which is available with you before thinking about the TV size.  Rear projection LCD TVs are available in screen size from 42 to more than 60 inches.  

You need to consider the price and depth of the gadget. When you have considered the space you have decide on the budget and the screen size. CRT-based TV sets have been designed with deep cabinets which are fixed on casters. Keep in mind that it takes as much place as a big chair. There are some rear projection LCD TV sets which are designed as tabletop models and you can purchase a stand separately.

Your next criteria must be the quality of picture and the finest rear projection LCD TV sets offer excellent quality picture with HD content. You get better quality with rear projection LCD TV as compared to the CRT models.

You need to check the viewing angle also as a few rear projection LCD TV display better pictures from sides as compared to the older TV sets. This is vital especially if more people will be viewing the TV at the same time. You must check the way picture looks from all angles prior to buying any model. There are a few rear projection LCD TV sets which offer dull and washed-out pictures as the viewing angle changes.

When you have selected the model it is a good idea to decide if you would like an extended warranty on the rear projection LCD TV. It may not be worth a lot in some products, it is helpful for expensive TVs and you must also check the price of a service plan. Enquire if they have at home service which is covered by this warranty etc.


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