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Bukisa Moving To Adsense – Does It Make Sense or Make Cents?

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In the middle of December, 2010, Bukisa decided to change the way it’s writers are paid. In future, from the middle of January, 2011, payments will be made from the Google Adsense program. This means that writers will now be paid depending on how many readers click on the Google ads in their articles, instead of how many unique readers each of their articles has per day. The change has caused a great deal of resentment amongst many writers, but is the overall change a good one or a bad one? Or should users switch to Chitika?

Why Have Bukisa Changed From Pay Per View, from Pay Per Ad Click?

There are three main reasons for this:

  1. There was a small but steady amount of “click fraud” – where either users or automated programs clicked on articles in a fraudulent way.

  2. The “Bukisa Index” of 3.22 applied to all article types. For instance, articles on poetry, recipes, and religeon are paid the same dollars per thousand as more lucrative subjects like finance, mortgages, or insurance.

  3. Bukisa itself is paid from Google Adsense, so having a fixed Bukisa Index means that Bukisa under-writes payments to it’s writers. For example, if the click-through rate for articles goes up or down, income to Bukisa goes up or down, but Bukisa still pays it’s writers the same rate.

Is The Change Good or Bad for Writers?

This depends on various factors:

  1. Many Bukisa writers do not have Adsense Accounts. Many will sign up for it, but some have been banned from Google Adsense, either because of actual or percieved ad click fraud. Those without an Adsenseaccount will definitely be worse off.

  2. Article topics will change writer payments. Those who write about insurance, pensions, mortgages, etc will be MUCH better off. Those who write about recipes, religeon, poetry, and other low-paying subjects will probably be worse off.

  3. Articles that contain “toxic” words or phrases will be worse off. Google does not place Adsense ads in articles on certain subjects, mainly of an adult nature. The income from this type of article will drop considerably.

  4. Those who can supplement an already small Adsense income will be better off. For example, those who earn small amounts on Adsense already may find that the Bukisa income increases the Adsense income to a level where payment is possible. (Adsense has a fairly high payment threshold of $100, compared to Chitika, which pays at $10, and has a referral program).

Should Writers Leave Bukisa?

Income will rise for some and fall for others, there is no question about that. There is no gain for anyone who leaves, however! All that will happen is that income will go from “possibly smaller” to “definitely zero!” Those who write in the more lucrative sections will gain considerably (cost per click on mortgage ads can be over $40), and those who stay will get something. Although the $100 threshold for payment at Adsense is high, the only thing that Bukisa writers can do is to make more money more quickly, by writing more, and gaining more referrals.

Bukisa Payment Method Change Summary

There is no question that some will be worse off after the change, but very few will be better off by leaving altogether. Those who write in lucrative subject areas will be considerably better off, and those who build their network up will also bring forward the time when the Google Adsense threshold is met. Another option is to let Google Adsense reach the payout level, then switch to Chitika.


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