Monday, December 11

Apple Ipad an Iconic Revolution

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 In the technology- driven world, E-readers are one of the best electronic devices to display ebooks. The major advantage that a reader can have is the availability of unlimited books anytime anywhere.  E-reading is definitely catching up due to size, cost-effectiveness and font feasibility of the device. The market is dominated with many e-readers these days. The first to be launched was the Amazon Kindle followed by several others like Sony e-reader, Nook, Irex Digital reader and Apple’s Ipad. 

The sensational Apple Ipad is all about the screen; 9.7 inch LED backlit IPS display is impressive and has amazing graphical quality which boasts full colors when compared to Kindle which still strives on 16 shades of grey.  Another attractive feature of an I-pad is its ability to refresh 60 times per second for a fluid video.  Talking about the portability, Apple I-pad is 0.34 inches thick and weighs about 8.7 ounces whereas Kindle is smart enough with 0.5 inches thick weighing about 24 ounce.

The Apple Ipad does house a few other components like a screen position lock (to maintain the view in landscape or portrait mode), a volume rocker, power/sleep button and headphone jack and a single thin speaker on the bottom of the unit. The OS is nearly identical to an I-phone or Ipod touch UI as it is built on the OS X for mobile devices. If you are an avid reader you will surely love this feature, within a book you can long press to bring up options like copy/paste, dictionary, and bookmark or search tool. The dictionary feature is available in Kindle as well; however, it takes comparatively more time to navigate.

Battery Life of Apple I-pad is 10 hours at a stretch however; amazon kindle has a marvelous battery life which can go on for several days.  Nothing can beat the I-pad’s library access, you can get an access to the I – tunes store, the Amazon Kindle store, Barne’s and Nobles Nook library and many more. It is the ‘optimized applications’ which make Apple I-pad an exclusive product. The iBooks application allows the readers to change the style and size of a book’s font. Not to forget the page turning speed of I-pad, which is remarkable; you can simply tap on the screen or just flip pages from the corner of the book.

Pricing may be more economical with Kindle but though Apple I-pad is expensive for the features it provides (Like; social media, web browsing, video and e-mail); it is worth it, You can say, a wholesome e-reading experience! Barnes and Nook e-readers are not up to the mark when compared to Kindle or Apple I-pad and therefore they are out of the league.


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