Monday, December 18

Five Simple Steps or Instructions to Download Youtube Songs

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YouTube is the feeling of online networks connecting millions of people around the world to share videos. The range of videos are very large, which makes a lot of genres to choose from: comedy, commentary, video blogs and the ever popular songs. Amateur bands and musicians upload their songs for all the days of YouTube, but do not always have a link available for download. If you ever wanted to have your favorite music from YouTube, all you need is a little patience. You’ll get it. 

Instructions or Steps to follow:
1. Go to the video on YouTube that has the song you want to download. Then select and copy the web address of the video, which can be carried out by copy what appears in the “URL” video information box, or go to the address bar to do so. 

2. Go to “” to access a website online converter. Be sure not to put “www.vixy. net “in the address bar, as it will lead to an incorrect domain. 

3. Paste the URL of YouTube in the “Address” box on the Vixy site. Make sure that the URL code is displayed correctly as shown in the example of the page. You receive an error if the URL is incorrect code, and you will not be able to download your song on YouTube. 

4. Click the “becomes” drop-down menu and select “MP3 (audio only)”, “MP4 for iPod / PSP” or “mobile 3GP” to convert your song on YouTube. You can also choose to convert the song along with the accompanying video by selecting “AVI for Windows” or “MOV for Mac.” 

5. Press the “Start” to start conversion. A progress bar will show you how much percent has become, and the size of the original YouTube video. Once the bar has reached 100 percent, will open a window that prompts you to save the file. Click “Save” to begin downloading your song on YouTube. 


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