Monday, December 18

Weight Loss Autopilot

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I want my weight loss to be easy.  I don’t want to have to work out at the best gym in Atlanta for an hour and a half like my doctor recommends.  I don’t want my diet program relegated to stuff that’s good for me and tastes like compost.  I want weight loss on autopilot, and I’ve found the button.

The button was hidden under my favorite tater tots, just beside the infinite goodness of the cheeseburger that I was mentally eating.  Unfortunately, there is no physical button, which would have made my last shower very interesting.  I’ve found that I have to keep pressing it, but it’s not like an elevator – it does work when hammered repeatedly.

And so, I used the small red button on December 3rd.  I found that the activation code needed to be slightly tweaked soon after, but I’ve lost 20 pounds without significantly altering my diet, exercising, or throwing out all of the good food.  Granted, at my weight it can be only considered a drop in the pan, but it’s still a bit of loss.

I told close friends about it and they are firmly convinced that I’m crazy.  Honestly, I’ve been eclectic for a number of years so there’s really no particular change in behavior.  Thing is, if it works for me, it’s bound to work for others, right?

The button is belief and repetition of that belief.  I say ‘I weigh 150 pounds and I am healthy’ right before going to sleep, waking up and every time I’m debating my personal self worth.  I’ve drawn a sigil of the statement and write it every chance I get.  And it’s working, because my body is trying to make the statement true.

Belief and repetition guide lots of people into doing things.  Belief and repetition are responsible for guiding fears, too.  The weight loss autopilot is real, and I am living proof of it.

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