Friday, December 15

A Charm to Ensure Financial Success in Business

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Everyone desires financial success in business and the following is a very simple charm to help you reach your goal. The psychological aspect of creating this charm is what will draw the positive, successful energy in your direction. Best of all, this charm can be created at any time of the month when you are experiencing a slump in business.


For this charm you will need the following items:


a 2” x 2” square of blue paper (scrapbooking, stationary, or construction)

blue felt tip pens

a silver coin (dime or quarter)


On the square, use one of the blue felt tip pens to draw or write the name or logo of your company. Underneath the logo, draw three dollar signs. Underneath the dollar signs, write your name, then you initials above the logo. Place the silver coin on top of it. Hold both the coin and paper in your right hand and visualize a steady flow of success in to your business. Say:


“I am financially successful at work.”


Place the charm inside your pants or jacket pocket when you are at work and you will achieve the financial success you desire to have.  Touch the charm every now and then throughout the day at work as a reminder of your success.


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