Friday, December 15

Lessons About Google Adsense Earnings

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I have been a writer for several websites such as Hubpages, Triond, and Bukisa for some time now. I have often wondered about Google Adsense and different earning strategies. Looking back on my experience, I must note that the only website where I have been able to earn a steady Google Adsense paycheck is Triond.

Google Adsense begins to reward me after I reach one thousand visitors during any particular month. If my visitor count is less than that amount, I do not see any earnings. One thousand views usually generate a couple of dollars in Adsense earnings. I am still waiting to reach my first thousand views on Bukisa. I have approximately three hundred articles published with Triond so far. I guess this should give you a general idea about the amount of content you need to publish before you see some earnings from Google Adsense roll in.

Some lessons that I have learned about writing articles are that SEO principles do not always work. You can submit great content with a good word count and get zero clicks. There are many factors involved in search engine traffic. We cannot know all of them. The internet is an ever evolving market place. I hate to say this, but the best way to insure a Google Adsense paycheck for yourself is to become well known within your writing community and write a good amount of content. It really is a numbers game when it comes to Google Adsense earnings. Ofcourse quality does count to some extent. However, I have also had the experience of having an extremely large amount of visitors click on articles that are not of the highest quality or word count. I guess all rules are meant to be broken. Do not stop writing and have a little fun with it. Write about topics that you know well and write some interesting content. Leave the rest up to luck.


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