Monday, December 18

Donald Trump Defends Tiger Woods

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Donald Trump is a well known figure in today’s celebrity culture. He is super rich and famous. This man always has some interesting project in the works. His daughter Ivanka seems to be wildly successful also. Sometimes the average person may wonder about the secrets to their success. What does it take to be Donald Trump? The answer to this question is rather simple. You actually have to be Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has a certain type of personality. This man is pretty cold hearted and very calculating. He does not have any appreciation for moral values. Donald Trump will buy into anything as long as it can give him more fame and fortune. He does not care if he is supporting strippers, party girls, or serial cheaters like Tiger Woods. Donald Trump will have his success at any cost. What does he care if society suffers for it?

This is the story of life. The nice guys finish last. Donald Trump is anything but nice. He reminds me of a vulture. I guess that it is very unlikely for a decent human being to have success in today’s corrupt society. If you are not willing to cheat people for your own personal gain, it is unlikely that you will ever be rich. As they say, to get filthy rich you must wel willing to get a little dirty. In the case of Donald Trump, you must be willing to get very dirty.


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