Monday, December 11

I Was Only For Christmas

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Christmas is a word that everyone loves, but there was a time in my life, that to me, quite frankly, it was just a dirty word. I was born in October, and the first weeks of my life, spent with my mother and siblings were a hazy memory of warmth and contentment.

I got used to hearing my owners say I was beautiful, and so I was quite proud when one day, a man, who was very handsome, chose me as a Christmas present for his wife. Although I felt nervous about leaving my family, by the time he came to pick me up, I couldn’t help feeling excited about what life might hold in store for me.

He took me in something called a car, which was fast, and I curled nervously in the box he had put me in on the back seat. When we arrived at our destination, I was whipped quickly into a very warm place, and put in a room which was called a kitchen. The floor was covered in newspaper, which had been put there for me. Even at such a young age, I knew, but I would show them. When they let me go outside, I would do all my business out there

Then this is what happened

He brought a lovely lady into the room, she smelt gorgeous, and she picked me up and hugged me, and I heard her say. ” This is the perfect Christmas present darling, thank you so much!”

I knew instantly, that I belonged to her, beautiful and sensitive Clare, and I loved her devotedly from then onwards. She fed me, walked me, and played fun games with me. I would give my life for her, because she was the very centre of my existence.

It didn’t take me long to realise that Ben, my master, didn’t really like dogs. Although he had brought me home, I heard him complaining about my black hairs on his clothes, and when I got through the fence and got out, he complained when he had to mend it. I clung onto Clare all the more, she loved me, and I adored her.

After a while, it wasn’t just me that he was moaning about, it was life in general, and then the arguments started. His words were harsh and cruel, and it broke my heart to see Clare with tears in her eyes so often. I became even more protective towards her, and Ben took his anger out on me. Life was becoming a nightmare!

Life got even worse

I should have seen it coming, but I naively imagined that I would be helping her to cope with this miserable life for ever. But one day, my adored Clare went off to work, and never came back. What was even worse, Ben moved in a new lady, who hated dogs even more than he did! They often forgot to feed me, I was kicked, and shouted at, left out in all weathers, and in desperation, I wandered about trying to find food, and also my beloved Clare, whom I missed so much!

I was picked up by a kind policeman with gentle hands, but when he took me home they rejected me, so he shook his head sadly, and said. ” I’m sorry Purdy, you’re a beautiful girl, but we’ve got to try and find you a home.”

He took me to a rescue centre, and I was put amongst dogs of all shapes and sizes. They were all distressed, and the barking went on continually. I wanted to try and get on with my life, and they found me a nice friendly collie to share a pen with

Then a miracle happened

And then it happened again, another lady, called Carol, fell for me, she came with her husband to adopt me, and they were sad because their other dog had just died. The difference this time, was John loved me too, and I was so grateful to be given another chance to be loved.

For 3 whole weeks my life was perfect. I strived to put a smile back on their faces by clowning around, splashing in puddles, and generally acting the fool, and it worked. But this time it was John who went off to work and never came back. I heard Carol say he was dead, which meant nothing to me, and she seemed to lose interest in going out for walks and just sat in the bedroom all day. I sat close to her trying to comfort her. She needed me.

Well my patience did pay off. I sat next to her, fixing my big eyes on her, and eventually she got off her bed with a sigh, and took me out. Whilst we were out, I clowned around, in my usual way, and was rewarded when I saw a smile on her face. If Carol wanted to avoid all human contact, she couldn’t. I made sure to stop and play with other dogs, so she had to talk to their owners.

We went almost everywhere together, and I heard her tell people I was her rock, which made me so proud.

After a few months, I watched Carol pick up her life again, and I felt so proud of her. She said John was never coming back, although he wouldn’t have chosen to go, and I felt sad because I missed him too.

Well that all happened quite a few years ago, and although I am getting old now, I’ve had a wonderful life with Carol. I am so grateful to have been given another chance of love.


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