Sunday, December 17

3Rd Email (Bonnie Home Polished Up)

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Dear Ms. XXX,

(Part 2 of my email yesterday on Bonnie) Detective Jerry Giorgio from the 34 pct. in Washington Heights, Manhattan- New York use to always say; “Life is a series of choices.” I didn’t believe him at first. Sometimes, Det. Giorgio says things that make my head HURT! Anyway, I chose to be GOOD. I chose to not to hurt ANYONE. MOST IMPORTANT, I CHOSE NOT TO BE IN JAIL.

Bonnie let me ride on her bus: You know to stay out of the cold (from 10:06-11:50pm). We got close very easily. Still, I was afraid to tell her I am spiritually gifted. You might know the stigma of spiritual gifted people. Most of society perceives that we are frauds, lunatics, and evil. So, you can see my hesistation informing Bonnie of my innate intution.

Bonnie doesn’t care: You know she is insightful too. We all are spiritually gifted just in different degrees.
What really aided me with Bonnie; is that she trusted me. She let me come to her house to clean. Ms. XXX when I am angry; I love to clean. It is so THERAPETIC! I refused to get pay from her. I did accept her treating me to dinner. I LOVE FOOD!! I met her husband Gary. He straight out asked me if Bonnie paid me. I couldn’t lie. Anyway they make a cute couple.

More tomorrow,

Dear Ms. XXX,

Well, I am extremely STUBBORN for years Ruben (my brother District Attorney-police officer first so he is always a COP) pleaded with me to let him assist me with my father who raised me (Ivan Anthnor Destine)’s will. I refused. I rather have my hero (dad who raise me) THAN ANY STICKING MONEY!!!

Here comes Bonnie with her straight-soft-simple logic. She brought up my homeless situation. Slowly she made me see it is not that I am choosing the money over my father. Bonnie has a way with words. She has a acute method in listening to people. She didn’t force her opinion on me; no, no. Bonnie just made a suggestion.

My father Ivan Anthnor Destine was killed in August 8, 1995. Just to give you an idea how I ignored my situation. Please, help Bonnie with her house. She help so many people plus she has been a realistic friend to me.

I am not going to give up,


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