Thursday, December 14

Vnc Applications For Android

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Nowadays, it is no longer very esoteric to the mainstream community how one can be able to control a remote machine miles away. Sure, most people even up to this day still think it still is cool to be able to do so, at least to those who still don’t have any such use for it.

Virtual Network Computing or VNC as what most people refer to, provide this exact feature. Some of the users who are familiar with the RDP protocol definitely can identify with VNC.


It is no surprise that the smartphone today definitely begins to scale down all the requirements one can easily think of. The sheer number of apps available today, if translated to an actual device capable of performing a dedicated function would easily fill a room.

To add to this novelty, a VNC app is finally added to the android arsenal. Sure, not everyone can have any use of this app, but to this who are familiar this definitely is a god send.

VNC services available

There is a free version and a paid version available in the market today. Android-VNC-Viewer is a free app that provides well, the functinality of controlling your machine remotely. It utilizes a VNC server just like normal VNC apps. Another VNC app is Crossloop. Crossloop however is different from most VNC apps, since it usually does require an actual person present in the remote machine to grant access for a crossloop session. This is a difference compared to most VNC apps since they can easily log into a remote machine and start a session even if the machine is unattened so long as a VNC server is running on the remote machine. The clear advantage Crossloop has is it has the added security which most VNC apps lack.


It definitely takes time out of everyone to stay indoors and work with their computers. VNC definitely makes your android phone a mobile office where you can perform transactions while on the go. There definitely is nothing to lose out on such technology. However, over dependence such technology may make one prone to neglect and security problems. Sometimes, even going into the office even once a week to check up on things would still be a smart idea.


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