Friday, December 15

Syncing Your Android With Outlook 2010

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Users used to complain how the usability of the android phone has led them to believe one common thing — they simply do not have to what it takes to operate one. But surely, no one would want to rationalize and argue why such user experience would require more effort. After all, innovations left and right were meant for the sole purpose of convenience. And because of this, a smartphone’s innocence was simple tainted with the inoperability of the android because of the culprit — syncing outlook.

Here comes outlook 2010

Back in august google announced that google calendar sync would now support outloook 2010.

Users familiar with the new interface such as word 2007 will have an easy time adjusting to outlook 2010. Otherwise, the file menu is finally made available again for those who do not want to endure to learn its intricacies. The substantial changes in its menu provide a faster use and give a visible benefit to the user as to accessibility.


There are various ways where you can sync your android phone with outlook 2010. You can sync them one at a time such as contacts, calendar, notes and tasks. But you can as well sync them all together which would be much more convenient, albeit at a price.

Syncing contacts

Export contacts file from outlook, select contacts folder and set output format to csv in dos format. Choose a location where you should save the file.

Syncing calendar

Using google calendar sync, run the software and configure google account settings. Afterwards, select the options of using 2 way sync, google calendar to microsoft outlook or microsoft outlook calendar to google calendar.

Syncing all

To sync contacts, calendar, notes and tasks, you simply subscribe to companion link. This will set you back at $39.95. However, the 14 day trial available would be a wise choice for the budget conscious.


Syncing has so far become a sort of hassle for some. Even for those who used to think email was already a burden. But it is expected that these things will eventually become ubiquitous in the future. But as far as innovation goes, it usually gets easier as time goes by.

So, never fret. This may look hard at first but you will get used to it, because actually you really don’t have a choice at all.


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