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The Most Fashionable And Vibrant Beauty of The World Wear a Kimono

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With excellent to representatives of the ancient Japanese occupation – geishas, due a lot of interesting traditions and local custom. One of them – to wear special clothing called kimono. However, during the existence of this outfit its varieties has become so much that the world most fashionable and vibrant beauty found in it something of their own, and personal favorite. Therefore, a similar article of clothing is not uncommon and European girls.

By the way any kind of kimono differs not only in styles and colors. They are represented in different variations, depending on the age specific case or cause, sex, social status and so on. That is, the traditional elements of oriental wardrobe excel in the images of both men and women. The only thing for the ladies invited to a completely different colors. For example, if the attire of men presents brevity and restraint, the girl can afford bright patterns, vivid colors. Also differs and cut dresses. For example, for Men’s Kimono made shorter sleeves and is entirely different – the obi (belt). It is worth noting that the variations kimono should be worn, depending on the reason for the publication. So, for ordinary meetings of married Japanese woman to stay on a plain dress, which is decorated only on the bottom. If the same reason – a very solemn, women wear – Black kimono, decorated only on the hem. As for unmarried girls, they are offered more vivid, rich costumes with long sleeves, decorated with a picture from the top. This element is called a wardrobe.

For planning to visit, the Japanese fans of the fashion offer. This – outfits that fit perfectly for unmarried girls and married women. For example, distinguished modesty and uniform option. If there is a pattern, it is only in the lower part. With regard to this kimono decorated with more diverse. The decor is observed both at the bottom and top.

I want to note and the tea ceremony, which is famous for Land of the Rising Sun. At this traditional pastime is also a special kind of kimono. It is specially made to mark the tea ceremony is called.. Attire is pleased with the modest but very elegant embroidery, drawing a strict and uniform cloth.

And if you want to try less restrictive variation, you can try which interestingly decorated with small figures. In Japan Chaumont perfect for informal visits. But that’s not all varieties of traditional clothing of Japanese geishas. Representatives of this ancient profession does not evade his attention also kimono. This dress from the other features a wide selection of material, prints and colors. For the most part, Japanese women prefer kimono on the occasion of family dinners and holidays, surrounded by relatives.

It is worth noting that, despite the stereotypes, hip and trendy kimono do not just silk, but also from other magnificent natural materials. In particular, the highly popular cotton and linen. With regard to mixed fabrics, of which make clothes for everyday summer trips and visits to local cafes.

Voluntary Fashion Kimono appeared not so long ago – in the late 20th century, although the outfit has existed a few hundred years ago. And with the first created variations to it immediately rushed interest fashionistas from around the world. Particularly, the Japanese clothing has found its fans in the western world. Therefore, many renowned designers today are not averse to experiment with this wonderful part of your wardrobe. And they do it very professionally and original. Of particular interest are a variety of blouses and skirts, resembling the brim Traditional Kimono. Undoubtedly, this will give everyone ethnics female form original juicy flavor and incomparable flavor of femininity and great charm.


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