Wednesday, December 13

Top 5: Fashion Trends This Year

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This year jeans were relevant as ever. This trendy affordable women’s clothing won the hearts of fashionistas all over the world. And if initially it was working clothes, and then jeans steel sporty style, now with jeans wear jackets and even called a “business style”. Of course jeans with the jacket is on the fan, and a minimalistic style I personally would not name them, but “the taste and color …”
In a fashion jeans as unadorned and beaded, with pockets and rivets, with a picture or appliqué, color and fit is not important, the main thing that they were perfect.

For jeans you can pick up fashion accessories for girls this may be a belt, is now in vogue, metal belts of various weaving, large or small links, adorned with hanging pendants, or without them.


Think Kimono Japanese women are just? And here and there. Fashion on kimono and came to Europe. There are different versions of this garment, we can say for all occasions. There is a strict variant is a small figure. Manufactured Kimono not only of silk, but also of other materials, it could be cotton or linen.


Many predicted that the fashion on Corsets will be short-lived, but the predictions were wrong. More and more designers add to their collections Corsets and more fashionistas stop their choice on these clothes. If earlier Corsets must have been laced and ladies sought the illusion of slimness is using it, now you can meet Corsets and no lacing, enough to fasten the zipper and a figure closely imprisoned in corset.

Knitted Things

Do not think that knitted things – Is the stuff for colds, for the summer, too, can pick up easy Knitted Apparel It can be a tunic or even knitted swimsuit, The number of fans of the last growing rapidly. By the tunic or swimsuit can be pick knitted handbag or pareos.

For the colder seasons fit knit dresses and sweaters. In this season’s biggest fashion knitting but lovers of the smaller mating I think, too, can discover something suitable. Special thanks to knit sweaters, to me personally this season very much like elongated sweaters, resembling tunics.

These sweaters can also be decorated belts and even various brooches, good fashion accessories of the leading designers you can buy in any boutique.


This is one of the hits of the year. If earlier mothers were mostly men, but this year designers are pleased with the girls and glamorous models.  Trendy T-shirts somewhat different from what we used to wear, cut, open back, the thickness of straps, it’s all been transformed and received a very interesting model.

If you do not have time to put something out fashion trends this year, then you do everything ahead, I think the reasons will be enough remains the case for small, select and buy a suitable fashion model.


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