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What Should be in The Locker Room at The Modern Woman

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You probably noticed that your closet is literally was breaking away from things, but when you’re calling in the cinema’s best friend, your favorite assigns you a date, and my sister’s birthday invites you forever nothing to wear. Two hours pass in a fruitless search for something more or less suitable. Finally, in desperation, you get into the first thing that catches you by the arm and in a terrible mood are going to meet with friends (a friend, a young man). The whole evening you do not feel at ease, you feel that you are not dressed for the occasion, and that all look at you. Maybe it’s all wrong, and you just think, most likely, no one thinks to discuss your appearance, but the mood is still flawed.

In this article we’ll talk about how to avoid situations where you think you are dressed inappropriately or incorrectly. First of all, let’s see, what things should be present in your wardrobe, Lean all the excess and put things in order in the closet. Of course, there can be no-one advice, much will depend on what kind of lifestyle you lead, like whether an active vacation, there is on your work dress code. Still, there are basic principles that are universal for all to follow. Here is a sample list of items of clothing that should be in every woman:-

Jeans Two pairs. Some classic cut, others may be trendy, extraordinary. Traditional blue jeans can be a classic color, or a deep black. Fancy Jeans may be unusually bright color. It’s very interesting to look coral, as well as all shades of gray, red or emerald green.

Little black Dress must necessarily be in the locker room with each woman. This is a very functional thing easily transformed from everyday to evening with the help of accessories. In it you will feel yourself comfortable at a party with friends, it is appropriate to look for a date, and wearing the appropriate jewelry (a sparkling tiara and luxury earrings), can safely go to the theater.

Skirts one of which is a classic pencil skirt.

Blouses one of which is white
Classic trousers and to him a jacket that is perfect and classic skirt. All three of these things should be selected in one color so that they are interchangeable.
Sviter, Sweaters, Cardigan

T-Shirts different colors. They are perfectly able to combine both with jeans and with different skirts in warm weather.

Winter coat, season coat, jacket, short coat. All these things will look great with pants, short skirts and high boots.

Shoes – Winter Boots, Boots season (Leather and suede for different weather) shoes (for jeans), classic heeled shoes, sandals for summer, sandals and ballet flats.

Here, perhaps, all that necessary minimum of basic things which should be in the locker room modern woman. And there’s more clutter, all lay out-hung, no longer that helpless bewilderment that arises whenever he had somewhere to gather. Now you no longer surprise the surprise proposal to spend this evening…


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