Monday, December 18

How to Combine Business Style And Sexuality

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It turns out that the school had long been in the past and we continue every day put on the form, but not school and work. And what about our self-expression? Are we’ll keep all my life to wear the hated black-gray-white scale, and not being able to look sexy and hot, except on holidays? A sad prospect, is not it? But let us not despair.

Who said that strict style in clothes – It will definitely faded colors and a minimum of individuality? And do not be a business suit to emphasize femininity and attractiveness? Yes, indeed, many employers require a certain appearance, and we are all necessarily have to adhere to the dress code, adopted in the work environment, part of which we are. But this does not mean that it requires becoming a creature of indeterminate sex. Even in the limited framework of strict business style you can experiment with accessories, various models of skirts, jackets, blouses, hair, makeup, in a word, everything that makes a woman.

Let us discuss this in more detail. So, what is the classic business suit? How should it be? First and foremost, concise, neutral, soft, moderately closed, since the main function of business clothes – at least information about its owner and the demonstration status. Based on the foregoing, let’s try to dream up the available colors to us, shapes and all sorts of details. But we must not forget that the primary colors should be soothing shades. Choosing a classic pencil skirt and jacket to it, you can complete this ensemble over a blouse of bright color. There may come a yellow, turquoise, coral, and even red.

These tones are perfectly in harmony with the basic gray background. Jacket will cover the excess color, and we end up with a stylish business suit, tinged with bright elements, and thus it will not be evident. If the gray color of the office does not like to stay on the beige. But in this case, the entire ensemble should be soaked in beige and coffee range, and no bright spots on the contrary, such a dress will just blend in natural colors (gold, the colors faded foliage, shaded green). That the image does not get bored, you can play with different accessories. This could be a scarf, decorative buttons, brooches, bracelets.

These details should not be too much, it’s important to feel the measure. In addition to the version with a skirt, it can afford more feminine version – A little strict dress sheath, knee-length or slightly higher. Color palette should be chosen, gentle. This could be a classic gray, light brown, coffee, cream. Black in this case is not recommended; otherwise it will not be dress business office style and the cocktail dress.

In these simple examples, we can see that from the strict boring silhouette can be sweet, if correct accents. And being in the costume business woman does not necessarily hide their sexuality, but it must be properly veiled.

So, you all day you will feel its attractiveness, and men will notice her, too! And at the same time, will be followed the dress code.


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