Saturday, December 16

Glamorous Clothes

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The concept of “Glamour” appeared in the early 70’s, belonged to the elite regular’s disco clubs and meant a lifestyle. Standard clothing elite fashionist as at the time included items such as natural and artificial diamonds, flashy colors and costumes set shiny metallic elements. Divas are held all day at dinner parties and various parties, were, so to speak glamorous lifestyles and wear them as well was glamorous. Of course, all these garments are not intended for everyday use, but today, some celebrities have been able to adapt this style to everyday life. This style is called “casual glamour. This is primarily items of clothes, different exclusive cut, and colors that combine with jeans or other casual clothes ferial. Most often, these mods can be found in night clubs and other hangouts. Glamorous clothes – What is it? Basis glamorous wardrobe leaves a few items of clothing and a few accessories. E.g.

1. Poncho – gives simple expression clothes, so that makes it both casual and dressy.

2. Integral to the wardrobe thing glamorous ladies – different tops on straps and ties, who flirtatiously bear shoulders and back.

3. Fashion, which changes every season. This season’s fashionable hat. Suiting it even with incompatible objects will look quite stylish.

4. Shoe heels. Without this part of the wardrobe will not do any glamorous girl?

5. Very important designer handbag, yes, such that knowledgeable people can understand themselves as an exclusive thing.

6. Makeup should be the color tan. Visit the solarium to have tanned appearance, apply a lot of lip gloss. This glamorous girl is exactly what it looks.

7. The last and most important in the glamour – it’s big and shiny ornaments, which symbolize high status owner. Let the finger you will have a ring with a large stone. Will look glamorous rhinestones, bright necklaces and bracelets. The more of them, the more glamorous you shine.
It is important to know that glamorous girl – very very confident. She enjoys this life, trying to light up at all sorts of get-togethers, where there may be a celebrity to appear in a newsreel. She knows her worth and shows it.


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