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The Kitchen of Your Dreams Choose Your Interior Kitchen

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What a lady does not dream of exquisite, beautiful, and at the same time convenient and practical kitchen! The new design looks have long existed for many years broke stereotypes about what a kitchen designed exclusively for cooking and eating. Becoming more comfortable and attractive kitchen today can simply spend time with all Family As a result sometimes the boldest designs, our kitchen and dining are and rest rooms at the same time.
The history of cuisine as a single room starts at 20 years of the last century, when Austrian architect Margaret designed a very small and compact kitchen, which on one side of the wall has placed a table and electric cooker (which also appeared in those very years), and reverse side – cabinets for storage vessels. For a long time such a project of a kitchen was popular not only in Europe but in America, because it allows to save space and minimize the number of steps required for the mistress of the kitchen.

However, further interior kitchen stipulates that the most interesting, is not changing tastes or views of the next generation, and the emergence of new kitchen appliances for the content of which required more space and form is not in harmony with the home furnishings of the old kitchen. You must agree, even now, utensils made of stainless steel or induction cookers are not combined with a heavy wooden kitchen furniture past years.
Until recently, the interior kitchen also depended primarily on its size, since the post-Soviet space was dominated by small kitchen –  in which it was impossible to even put the kitchen furniture kit.

Currently, there are six options for planning the kitchen: one line (applies to small kitchen), a two-line (i.e. on one side of stove and sink, on the other – a fridge and cupboards), L-shaped (angular) U-shaped (in the form of a trapezoid, along three walls). For very large kitchens use a combination of planning with the work surface in the middle – the so-called “kitchen island” and “kitchen peninsula”.
However, what if your kitchen does not exceed 10 square meters. And so you dream of a comfortable, beautiful and practical at the same time, its interior?

First of all, you really need to consider the minimum number of necessary furniture, placing the work area in a single line, or by applying an angular layout. Furniture should be multifunctional, with no bulky and have a direct line. Very often the hostess in the kitchen washing machine is placed in such a case, think over it for extra work surface, which will depend on the type of loading machine. Machine with a horizontal load can be covered from top to top, but under lateral loading rack needs to be done.

If your kitchen is very little one, a refrigerator, if possible, the best of it away, making for him a niche in the hallway near the entrance. Entrance door to the kitchen for more space and can be removed, frame the entrance arch, pretty, and if the door you really need is better to make it extensible.
Color solution of a kitchen is better done in bright colors, can also be applied and varied lighting. Highlight all possible – work surface, cornices, wall cabinets, shelves, dining table. Virtually any size room is best not restricted to a chandelier, and use a variety of lighting fixtures. Spot lights are used in suspension and multi-level ceilings, a long fluorescent bulb is needed in the work area and mounted under wall cabinets, and beautiful hanging lamp with adjustable height above the dining table will give your kitchen a unique comfort.
Very often, for larger kitchen space use redevelopment, making the studio apartment (if the studio apartment) or a kitchen-living room, connecting with the kitchen or living room, or great hall. You can also decide to increase the space by moving a bathroom. However, before deciding to take this step, you need to think a lot of detail. First, make sure that the wall that you will bear no bearing. After thoughtful than it will be convenient to have such a kitchen. Moreover, apart from convenience, there is also the psychological side of this issue – very often the hostess trying to hide their work area and the cooking process from the prying eyes of their household members or guests who came unexpectedly. If you have children, think about how they will relax or play the crash of your pans. A nasty smell of cooking fumes and does not remove even the most good and expensive exhaust.
If you still decided to redevelop, to conduct a mandatory separation or zoning work area, dining area and recreation area. This can be done as the bar, column, or sliding partitions, and apply different colors for the interior, the podium, which often hide many communication, different material and color shades of sex. Often, a working part of the kitchen with ceramic tile trim, and dining or recreation area – linoleum, laminate or parquet.

However, on finishing materials cuisine and that makes the cuisine so comfortable, its decor.


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