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The Kitchen of Your Dreams Choosing Furniture And Decoration Materials

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In a previous article I you have already discussed the theme selection kitchen interior. Now I come to the most important – choice Finishing Materials and Furniture. Often, the choice of material – is not only the most responsible and enjoyable event for all your repairs. This is one of the most complex and lengthy process, because each of us wants in his kitchen beauty combined with practicality and affordability with reliability.
We start with the ceiling. Of course, the kitchen – is a kind of test for any ceiling coverings, so it must be washable and moisture resistant. Already fading conventional plaster ceilings, because they are the most difficult and complex kind of finish. Above all, this ceiling has proved to be a negative side because it can crumble under high humidity. The only solution in such a situation it is water-resistant pasting wallpaper before painting. Also, from the plaster should be abandoned, if you only recently bought an apartment in the new building, because shrinkage of a new home can take any one year and a ceiling can give a crack.

More acceptable and cheaper options for finishing the kitchen ceiling is a ceiling tile of expanded polystyrene. It does not require a precise work on leveling the ceiling and installed quite easily. However, this tile is not popular because of its slightly outdated form.

If the height of your kitchen can consider the option of suspended ceilings, which are now the most popular, pay attention to the rack and ceiling plastic panels, which are a little similar to the tile of expanded polystyrene, however, as the suspension system allow the use of its interior space for communications and built-in spotlights. Above all, they are sufficiently fast to install. True, for all its virtues, the plastic are not really caught on in design projects contemporary kitchens, because it makes them uncomfortable, giving a kind of office.

One of the most popular false ceiling coverings is sheetrock, from which you can make layered and curved surfaces, sharing the kitchen area, build lamps, chandeliers, hide all the defects in the ceiling of your home and make a perfectly smooth surface. The ceiling of plasterboard – it’s unlimited space for your imagination and the ability to make your kitchen more comfortable. Above all, they are safe for health, have good sound insulation and fire resistance. However, this ceiling requires putty and paint that will take you more time and money.
The most expensive and sophisticated option is to stretch ceiling, which benefits the person, it is environmentally safe, has heat and sound insulation. Though the suspended ceiling is a thin vinyl plastic film, it is very durable, and if you accidentally floods drown neighbors from above, a ceiling may be a few days to hold water. It is also an invaluable advantage is mounting a ceiling that does not require prior preparation and carried out within a few hours without any or movement of furniture.
The floors in the kitchen also deserve special attention. Often the choice of flooring in the kitchen, puts her bosses to a standstill, since each material has special, but its specific properties, while having some disadvantages. In any case, the kitchen floor must be a natural extension of the interior, and still be practical enough to withstand frequent wet cleaning. For such purposes, such coatings are suitable as linoleum, tile, and stone.

Slightly worse moisture transfer parquet and laminate, but they are also widely used in kitchens, because they are quite warm and cozy look to any interior. The disadvantages of tile and natural stone should include the fact that they are quite cold, so often they are used for heating. The most popular option – linoleum, but his choice should focus on quality. Cheap synthetic linoleum is very prone to deformation; it is easy to get spoiled and leaves dents from standing on its furniture. When buying linoleum, pay attention to the smell – the stronger it is the poor quality linoleum and the lower its environmental safety.

When choosing a floor covering with a picture, remember that you can extend the kitchen with the direction of the figure, and expand – with horizontal parquet, laminate or tile with a linear pattern.

The most practical material for the walls in the kitchen, of course, is a ceramic tile, however, the most popular material remain wallpaper and tiles used only for finishing the work area. Kitchen needed wallpaper that you can wipe with a damp sponge or scrub. For these purposes fit water-resistant, durable vinyl wallpaper (for cooking purposes), two-layer paper wallpaper for painting or wallpaper based on Fleece-backed or fiberglass, and even silk screening.

When choosing wallpaper, remember that they can be set or the general background of the kitchen, with an emphasis on Furniture or accessories, or to make a wallpaper centerpiece of your kitchen, leaving Furniture in the background. In the first case of wallpaper should choose soft, monochromatic, can mimic bamboo or fabric, in the second case, and choose wallpaper with a rich and vivid picture, applying the fairly concise and simple furniture in a minimalist style. However, that in the second case, the interior does not get too flashy, so you can paste over wallpaper only one free wall or use the panel.

And of course, the last step in creating kitchen interior is the selection and purchase of furniture. The best solution in the regeneration of the kitchen is making Furniture to order, because this way you can most effectively use the space, making it more functional and fit perfectly with the furniture set that you created in the general interior kitchen, Whether classical or high-tech.

In this case, you should consider placing the headset or the built-in separate household appliances, dishwasher, stove, oven, microwave oven, cooker hood; consider the size and shape of the sink. When designing the floor cabinets, drawers provide as so you can use the entire depth of the cabinet, an innovation may be compartments for bottles. Wall cabinets tailored to the height of the working surface, providing besides the usual offices, rotating around its axis shelves, railing, and much more. For convenient operation, the kitchen used various mechanisms to open the doors of cabinets, which can go up or move aside to fix the facade in a comfortable position. Skilled craftsmen are always realizing any, even the most intricate your desire.

Every kitchen has a face and has its own personality, because it was she who personifies hospitality hosts. That is why every woman to strive to create the unique style cuisine by bringing into it the elements of the decor.


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