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The Kitchen of Your Dreams Decorate The Kitchen

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Thus, your kitchen is almost ready. Left behind a long, tedious, but it is so nice repair. The kitchen gleams with new “clothes”, smells like fresh wood and paint, and you look back with pride on the work done by you. However, throwing a glance at your beautiful new furniture, you realize that something is missing. A kitchen is not enough individuality of the raisins, which creates its unique character. And the name of its decor.

In the first article we have considered types of kitchens and kitchen furniture arrangement options and the second chosen Decoration Materials. Now the kitchen is dressed with a “brand”, but still empty. Decoration and choice of kitchen accessories – is a very important stage of creating a kitchen, because they complete the whole image of your kitchen reflect your tastes and preferences, talk about hospitable hosts.

Choice Decor Kitchen primarily depends on the style you choose. English classical style, ethnic, Japanese hi-tech – they all require their stylized things that need to integrate harmoniously into the overall picture. Except, perhaps, is the only decoration cuisine in a minimalist style as a style completely denies the use of decorative tools. However, in this case we can apply some clever techniques that emphasize the individuality of your kitchen. For example, for these cuisines, as well as for others, performed in a contemporary style, we can recommend the use of mirrors and transparent glass objects. Is especially important this technique is applicable for processing small kitchens. For example, an elegant glass round table with chairs will be like a float in the air, and mirrored or transparent door cabinets visually enhance the space. It is also possible to use several shiny objects that reflect light, will leave the light on the surfaces.

Implementation of the kitchen in the classic, English, Classical, Gothic, Rococo and Renaissance, involves extensive use of decoration and textiles.
Thus, the Renaissance ornamentation uses candelabra, arabesques, Braids, garlands, etc. Very interesting in terms of decor is Indian style, as the Indians fed a special passion for decorating, using a variety of jewelry: light wicker furniture, decorated with mosaics, silk screens, shutters. Also interesting is the decoration of the kitchen in the Egyptian style, which is characterized by the use of the interior yellow, Egyptian murals and symbolism of Pharaoh, or eclecticism. In the latter case, the mixing of different styles, resulting in an interior full of lots of different furniture items from different eras and styles, which, thanks to the careful selection of perfect harmony with each other, showing his unique and refined taste of its owner. It can be different statues, antique coffee grinders, a samovar, or any other things that emphasize your personality and cooking habits.

An interesting addition to the interior can be hosted on the same wall a few scenic pictures or photos made in a single topic. Thus, stresses the integrity of the idea, which corresponds to the entire interior of the kitchen.

Carrying out the kitchen in the English style, you can buy a wicker rocking chair, which will be earned your decor, but if you can not square, use carved wooden décor, crystal dishes, or gold-plated trim and a lot of textiles.

Textiles in interior cuisine deserve special attention. He gives a special warmth and unique view of the kitchen, but if you do not like regular cleaning and washing, can be limited only to certain elements, because the kitchen after all is the premise of high pollution. For example, a box decorated with only light curtains or elegant Roman shades or Fit the elegant tablecloth on the table. In tone tablecloths can choose textile cloth under the plate and flatware, or table-tops – that is, upper cloth small size, which must be laid at an angle.
If you adore his soiled linens and you are not afraid, very elegant version of the decoration are the chair covers that May or tight-fitting chair, or simply dangle from the furniture. The window in this case it is better to decorate the heavy curtains with lambrequins one tone with a case in the old classical style.

Textiles in the kitchen, where there are domestic items such as carved wooden soups, spoon or stand for utensils and napkins can be represented by a souvenir set of gloves, aprons, potholders and towels in a similar style. On the table lay a small path, which will close only a small part of the tabletop. Big vase with a sunflower, ears of corn or wild flowers will complement the interior in the best national traditions.
Just magic in your kitchen will look candles that will create a cozy atmosphere of a family in the evening, or will be companions of your romantic dinner. In today’s market candles are a fairly wide range and can get lost in their diversity, but a well thought out all the elements of its interior, you will find Which best describes you. Need to know that gel candles are lit for the longest time and not leaking, modern decorative paraffin candles and do not leave bruises and burns without residue, and that oil candle soot were not given, they wick should speak for no more than 2 mm. By candlelight, you can come up with an extra base in the form of open flowers; put them in special containers or glasses, as well as the twisted gold metal mesh. Your imagination can be limitless, but remember that the fire must not impede access to the table and eat, but only to emphasize the beautiful surroundings of the room and table.

And finally, consider the cooking utensils and tableware.

Cooking utensils should be not only convenient and practical but also beautiful, because in itself can become an ornament to any kitchen. Cookware made of each material has its own set of characteristic qualities which choice is yours. So, utensils made of stainless steel products are safe and when cooked it does not lose their properties and palatability. Enamelware is rich in its colors and has established itself with a good hand when storing and cooking food. Glassware and ceramics are not only sophisticated but also very heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures. And, of course, cast iron cookware has excellent properties, the food in her little undercooked. In addition, the sparkling clean cast iron can be used as decor in the kitchen in country style, such as cast iron pans can hang over the stove or worktop.

Today’s market offers a very rich choice of dishes for table of materials such as porcelain, earthenware, metal, glass, crystal, and a modern polymer. Of course, none of the mistress does not confine only one set, as each set of dishes can be used for different purposes – receptions or a simple family evenings. Consider all your possible holiday and prepare dishes to each of them – be it a beer party, fish, fruit, parties, kitchens around the world, etc. And if you are a true aesthetic, each of them can turn into a stylish holiday, thanks to correctly picked Ware and accessories. Indeed, in our time kitchen is so beautiful and magnificent, which can become a real decoration of the interior. Do not be afraid to improvise, looking for their individuality and create a unique interior kitchen!


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