Monday, December 18

The Workplace of The Young Student

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While training a child to school life, do not forget to take care of places for a young student, because he will have to do a lot of lessons at home. If conditions allow, it is better to allocate your child a separate room for preparing lessons. If the conditions are cramped, you must at least “carve out” for the occupation of the child separate corner.

The first student needed the table at which he will have to prepare lessons for a few years of school. For primary school children with immature spine modern medicine recommends to acquire a table-desk, behind which the child will carry the lessons while standing. This will prevent the child from different posture distortion and defects. Parents with conservative views can equip the place to study table, desk or table on the usual growth of the child. Some parents initially allocate for domestic first grade classes coffee tables Suitable child height.

Parents must demonstrate rigor and care in choosing your desktop for a child: the fumes would have loved to sit at the lessons a lot of time and poor quality children’s parties can allocate phenol and harm the health of the child. It is not necessary to cover the desktop young schoolboy cloth or oilcloth – they are awkward to write and draw.
Modern education includes familiarity with the computer in the early grades of school, so we need to put in the work area child table for laptop and if space is insufficient, then we can do a special stand: cooling pad for laptop – The best option.

Need to think about lighting up a study area: the desktop should be located near the window and additionally equipped with a desk lamp on a flexible stem, which will regulate the area of illumination. For storing books and textbooks suitable table with pedestal or drawers. If this is not, you can purchase a classic bookcase and place it on its shelves notebooks, albums, books and favorite books of the child. For storing small things: pens, pencils, erasers and other things better to use special glasses-organizers.

With love and care-equipped working place your baby, put baby condition – he must get out on his desk. Need to instill respect for the child to the workplace – should not be allowed at your desk to eat, drink tea and feast on sweets. School discipline should be extended to the place of home study students.


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