Wednesday, December 13

Choosing Tile For The Bathroom

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Anyone who planned to turn the bathroom into a work of art or just a little update, especially thinking about choosing an appropriate tile. How do you find the same one the best, and do not make the wrong choice?

First and foremost, on quality ceramic tile should be first class; all other grades (second and third) are culling. Choosing the first grade can be confident that all possible abnormalities associated with a shade or size, are minimized. Thickness of wall tiles should be 6-9 mm, and for sex – 9-12 mm. Each person has their own tastes and preferences: one loves a tile, another small, but nevertheless, the choice of tile size should depend not only on your taste. Small tiles will look great in any size room, and when you consider that from a small tile is much easier to create a unique composition – then it becomes a confident leader. However, it should bear in mind that laying tile is a little more time, effort and therefore money. In the case of large tiles, do not use it for a very small bathroom, or will create quite a ridiculous song.

Wall tile bathroom known to the world for many years, so during this time formed a certain range of errors, which are often hampered buyers. So, do not try to mix different styles, otherwise it will disharmony and will look to put it mildly, strange. Do not use the bathroom dark tiles (exception – the tile with gray stains), otherwise it will remain traces of the drops and have to wash the walls almost, daily. The color scheme – it’s your choice personally. But if your room towels seem to you very little, try to choose light shades of the tiles – so you slightly increase the visual dimensions of the room. Ideal for small bathrooms – is a rectangular tile, it will increase the visually close the premises.

About the producers can only say that the market leader in the ceramics is Italian and Spanish companies. They breathe in the back of Chinese manufacturers; they constantly monitor new developments and update their equipment so that the end result was the perfect solution for every consumer.

High-quality Chinese porcelain Hit likely to appeal to everyone and not only because of the widest color variety. Equipment for the production of tiles of the brand allows for a long time to save raw materials and after treatment to get him out of porcelain stoneware, which has beautiful color, technical and other indicators. Moreover, ceramic tile is much stronger than usual, if the outer layer of conventional tiles tends to fade from frequent use, the granite with a similar problem there. Personally, I’m even in the kitchen and hallway laid granite looks very rich.


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