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What Makes an Insurance Broker From an Insurance Agent?

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An alarming rise in road traffic accidents, as well as theft of vehicles, makes not only to think of car owners over the need to insure your personal property, but to find the best option of insurance. Policy CASCO covers the cost of repairing damage the car (from bullies, natural weather conditions and incidence on the car no matter), as well as in the case of theft or accident.

Casco, cargo policies, as well as policies of life insurance you can buy yourself, for example, via the Internet, you can resort to the advice of manager car dealership where the car is purchased. It is quite possible to become a client of a particular insurance company, using the services of an insurance agent or contact the broker who is an independent consultant and represents the interests, above all, the client, rather than one particular company.
But even despite this seemingly clear division line between the concepts of “broker” and “agent” in Ukraine, are blurred. Sometimes there is a “diffusion” of services and the broker becomes Insurance Agency and the latter, in turn, the broker. But the main difference is still there, which will not allow the buyer capricious policy mistake in choosing the representative of the insurance sector.

The agent will introduce prospective client with all the benefits of the policy of the company he represents. Can also make the client a pleasant surprise – to lower the cost of insurance to the detriment of their remuneration. But unfortunately, the agent can not accompany the client during the insured event and it was not competent control over compensation.

The Broker, by contrast, is accompanied throughout the process, the insurance customer. One important feature of the broker is that he is obliged to monitor the market for services of insurance companies to provide the most comprehensive information on trends in this area. And accordingly, based on these data, the most suitable one registration policy. Brokers more tightly controlled by the state, but the law in 2004 prohibiting the taking commissions from the companies, forcing brokers to join an agency that was a clear protest against the fact that the state has taken away their right to income from different sources.

Thus, insurance agents and insurance brokers in Ukraine does not have a sufficiently clear delineation of responsibilities, so the user is again at a crossroads, the services of whom is best to use?


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