Monday, December 11

How Much Should I Insure my Car For?

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The road is full of surprises. Who spends much time behind the wheel knows the worth of driver error. Beautiful, brand new car for any rotation can wait for surprises. Let’s not talk about the tragic accident: about they too often mention the media. But often there are situations that may lead to the need to contact the service center. It’s all kinds of dents, scratches, chips. Only a small pebble to permanently spoil the mood of the driver and incur additional costs.

Avoid such situations is almost impossible. But you can significantly ease those nasty effects, often costly, to which they lead. To do so, to insure your car. In this case, the material side of repair or restoration work will be on the insurance company. Now there are two types of car insurance: it is CASCO and OSAGO. But how do they differ and in what cases can be expected insurance payments, know not all the drivers. Many people, making out or that insurance does not even read the insurance contract.

OSAGO insurance is mandatory. Therefore, do not have to argue long about the need or not need her to make out. The traffic police, hiding in a roadside bush, can rapidly and effectively explain what is necessary, and in a timely manner. However, this insurance does not provide all the possible risks associated with driving on our roads. As an alternative protection may be CASCO insurance which guarantees compensation for damage in almost every case?

Now more about that in any situation covered by insurance CASCO. It is obvious that the car anything can happen, and without the participation of the owner and the general in his absence. It can be: carjacking, damage as a result of malicious acts of persons or natural disasters. In addition, this type of insurance allows you to recover damages incurred as a result of an accident, regardless of whether the owner is guilty of a car.

The conclusion is obvious. In order to safely ride in his car, take out insurance on hull needed. An exception may be only those vehicles, which cost quite low: if you like someone wants to steal; only the owner will be pleased. As for choosing an insurance company, the conditions they offer roughly the same. Therefore, we can safely choose the one that is more like it!


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