Friday, December 15

Car Insurance Against Theft

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Criminal situation in the country, unfortunately, remains unsettled. Today, whole groups of attackers involved in thefts of expensive cars, and models of domestic automotive industry. Service “car insurance against theft is one of the most sought after by insurance companies. It goes without saying that every owner Chevrolet Cruise Ford Focus or seek to protect your car from such troubles.

However, insurance against theft in its pure form is not as a separate service. Typically, insurers offer to design it in combination with protection from harm. A separate program exists only in the insurance companies involved in expensive foreign cars. There can only insure vehicles against theft, but with the mandatory installation of an expensive engine.

Also in the contract CASCO remember that the full package includes protection from both theft auto, and theft of individual parts. The last is especially prevalent today. The thieves removed the wipers, radio, and even wheels. Sometimes it does not save even a modern car alarm systems. Of course, it’s a shame, because these sites are worth a lot. The program of “theft of individual parts,” so it is very convenient. Very popular and also insurance to cover the case of causing transport of any damage. Its presence in the insurance package “safe” car, both experienced and novice drivers out of trouble.

Before entering into a contract the company expects the insurance value or actual cost of the object. It depends on the age, make and vehicle condition. There are entire table wear, taking into account mileage cars and the year of its release. For each brand have its own payment rates. Before the final decision of the representative of an insurer must inspect the car. Typically, the cost of a three-year car drops by 40%, and the first year – by 10-20%.

Then the insurer enters into a contract. Carefully study all the details, if you have any questions – just ask the same company or their lawyers to consult with your friends. The contract is concluded in favor of the owner of the insured vehicle, whether Kia Soul or Ford Focus. It is also possible insurance and in respect of the subject, who has an interest in preserving this facility. Insurance policy to the name of the person can buy any citizen, but the payout will only receive the above-mentioned owner of the vehicle.

At stealing company pays the insured amount and the contract should specify how long and how this will be done.

Conveniently, the site of many insurance companies has avtokalkulyator. A visitor can enter information about your car and get an answer either immediately or after some time on the e-mail with the exact calculation of prices. Similarly, you can agree with the appraiser and even enter into a contract. In short, today for car owners all conditions. Importantly – correctly use them.


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