Tuesday, December 12

Makeup Tips For Busy Women

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Women of today have much more important things to worry about than their makeup routines. With so much time being spent on careers, raising children, and active lifestyles, the woman of today simply can’t afford to waste time each morning primping and prepping for the long day ahead. As a professional in the beauty industry fro over a decade, I would like to share my simple makeup tips for all of the busy women out there. These tips will help you look your best in the least amount of time possible.

1. Tinted moisturizer. Why bother with traditional moisturizers, concealers, foundations, and powders, when you can get the same results all in one product? Simply find a shade which matches your skin tone, and you can skip all the other products. Of course, you will need to have relatively good blemish-free skin to begin with, since tinted moisturizers won’t do much if you happen to have a face like a worn-out boot.

2. Unleash the power of minerals. Mineral makeup is wonderful because of its versatility. Since the main ingredients in most of the products are the same, you can use them on practically any part of your face. In other words, you can use your pressed powder eyeshadow as blush, or your lipcolor as a creme eyeshadow. Think outside the box and get creative!

3. Waterproof mascara. Don’t skimp when it comes to mascara, because a top-quality waterproof mascara can still look good after 2 or 3 days of wear. This will not only save you time, but it will save money as well. I highly recommend Kiss Me mascara by Blinc (available for $25.00 through their website, www.blincinc.com). This mascara forms plastic-like “tubes” around the lashes which are resistant to running, flaking, or smudging. Best of all, these tiny tubes easily slide off the lashes with some warm water and gentle pressure from your fingertips.

4. Set it and forget it. Most brands of mineral makeup offer a setting powder, which is designed to keep your makeup in place and provide a long-lasting finish. The last thing a woman-on-the-go needs is to re-apply makeup throughout the day, so setting powder just might become your best friend.

5. Brush up on your brushes. Investing in a good set of quality makeup brushes will make life easier and will turn applying makeup from a chore into a pleasure. Look for kabuki and powder brushes made from goat hair and eyeshadow brushes made from sable. Other top-quality brushes are made from squirrel and horse hair. If you want the best possible application in the least amount of time, forget about using synthetic brushes.


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